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Science and discovery kits for kids continue to enjoy popularity and boost sales! Customers will love the educational twist to these get-your hands-dirty activities that encourage exploration, identification and imagination!


KEVA building sets inspire creativity in kids of all ages and skill levels. When it comes to quality building sets that last,

precision-milled premium KEVA planks will be your first choice. KEVA building sets capture the imagination, improve STEM skills and build excitement. It’s no wonder KEVA planks have stimulated the attention of so many builders around

the world!


Bring colorful, hands-on crafts to your shelves! This variety line attracts young crafters with stylish and trending projects that can be used and displayed. From soft blankets to funky bead chandeliers to

bath fizzers, kits include all supplies and detailed instructions to make them approachable and easy to understand.


These best-selling kits are ready to paint right out of the box, and include paints, brushes and painting tips. Offer your customers a huge variety of easy artistic projects for kids that can be used, displayed or given as gifts when completed. They are fun for both young and old artists alike!


The Peaceable Kingdom line of wholesome, adorably-designed, high-quality products nourish children’s social-emotional and cognitive development.

From games, to cards, to diaries and stickers, this playful line inspires cooperation and cultivates kindness —

because kids who play well together play well in the world.


Real cooking for kids is a big trend that the Playful Chef line brings to life in a simple and sweet way! Featuring high-quality kitchen tools engineered for small hands, healthy recipes with color-coded measuring for pre-readers, and delightful

packaging with a real-cooking focus so these kits won’t be mistaken for pretend play. Recipe cards include ideas for 

making memories and creating

family traditions.


MindWare’s original Putty Scents are more

popular than ever! Don’t miss out on this opportunity for easy add-on sales with our huge variety of scents, textures and themes contained in beautiful, high-quality packaging.


Q-BA-MAZE is a unique system of colorful interlocking cubes that inspires builders to create marble maze sculptures in any form such as animals, robots, towers and geometric shapes. Cubes with multiple 

exits allow for unpredictable action and

will leave everyone wondering, “Which way will the marbles go?”


Qwirkle is MindWare’s best-selling game of all time and it is easy to see why! Simple to learn, yet strategic and exciting to play, Qwirkle is a favorite of all ages. Simply build lines of tiles that are all the same color or shape and try to score big! It’s an exciting combination of luck and strategy that makes it the perfect addition to family game night, holiday get-togethers, visits to Grandma and more.


Kids can’t get enough of these science projects for kids! Each one explores a simple scientific concept, while making a final product that can be used or uncovering a mystery with their new skills! Create squishy balls and bath bombs, code robots and identify fingerprints: all components are included for each experiment!


Sensory tools are a brilliant way to give the brain just the right amount of sensory input, which allows the mind to focus. No longer a fad, sensory stimulation is a mainstream need and a guaranteed way to grow your sales. Through a variety of unique, satisfying motions and soothing textures, the Sensory Genius collection of tactile products channels excess energy in a positive, non-disruptive way.


Tired of adult games that are perverse or downright offensive? Thanks to Shenanigames, you no longer have

to go there to capitalize on the popular adult party game trend. Fun at their core, Shenanigames games don’t have to

rely on brainless gimmicks or crude 

content to create loads of laughter. These ingenious games contain plenty of innuendo, so players can be clever with coworkers, bawdy with drinking buddies or squeaky clean with sweet Aunt Sally.

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